Oh my goodness.
I made this page about 4 years ago.
I forgot about it, let's say, somewhere around 3 years and 11 months ago.
I remembered it tonight.
Oh... my... goodness.
If you remember ever seeing what was on this page, would you please, kindly forget it?
How could I have been so foolish?
I'm so embarrassed. In that "nobody actually knows who I really am, because this is the internet, so who cares?" sort of way.
Anyway.. the point is, this page was SO stupid.
Much Music still drives me crazy, sure. But now I'm more intelligent. So, I can voice my opinions better.
That junk that was on here before, that was just terrible jibberish.
Therefore, looking at it made me feel stupid.
So, that's the embarrassing part.
I assume you understand how I felt.
So now, I must go.
This page has been removed, never to be seen again.
Thank God.
Thank you for reading this.
And to those of you who remember my Anti-Much page, don't hold my former stupidity agaisnt me.

- Darren.

(Oh ya.. I thought that I'd be nice and leave the web ring link up. You're welcome! Geez.)

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